What Nobody Tells You When You Move to China

I just completed a bit over a month here in Changsha! So you might be wondering how things are going so far... Do you want the sugar coated version? Because then the answer is that things have been splendid and China is the best country ever. The 100% honest version? I've learned so much about … Continue reading What Nobody Tells You When You Move to China


Colombia Travel Journal: Caño Cristales “The Liquid Rainbow”

Two years ago, I came across Caño Cristales on a random Facebook video from Business Insider. I was blown away by the natural colours in this river, and even more excited that it was located in my birthplace of Colombia. https://youtu.be/eF7rtii_qJM So without a doubt, on this trip to Colombia, Caño Cristales was at the top … Continue reading Colombia Travel Journal: Caño Cristales “The Liquid Rainbow”

Colombia Travel Journal: Biking and Big Booties in Bogota

Day 1 "Colombia, tierra querida," I exhale as the plane lands at El Dorado International Airport. 18 hours and 6,753 km later, I have finally arrived in the motherland. Our first stop was the capital city of Bogotá. Bustling with people and cars, this big city is the economic and cultural centre of Colombia.   After … Continue reading Colombia Travel Journal: Biking and Big Booties in Bogota

Vlogging in China

Hello beautiful people! It has been way too long since I last blogged... While no blog post I write could ever encompass the incredible trip I had in China from January to March 2018, I still wanted to share my incredible experiences with you. So below please see 4 travel vlogs I made while in … Continue reading Vlogging in China

Kishimoto: A Sushi Staple in Vancity

Sushi restaurants are as common as Starbucks and marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. While this makes it easy to stop for sushi in pretty much any neighbourhood, it can become difficult choosing a sushi restaurant that is always fresh and delicious. Kishimoto is a small Japanese restaurant located on Commercial Drive. While more on the pricey side, … Continue reading Kishimoto: A Sushi Staple in Vancity

I GOT LIK’D IN VANCITY: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream has made its way to Vancouver! Having tried this ice cream treat in Hong Kong, I was super excited to try the Vancouver version. So what's so special about liquid nitrogen ice cream? It's made by blasting cream with freezing liquid nitrogen until the mixture is frozen. Then, toppings and a LIK syrup … Continue reading I GOT LIK’D IN VANCITY: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Shishinori: Healthy Japanese Food That Won’t Leave You Feeling Guilty

Forget the bento boxes, ramen, and sushi rolls for a second. Japanese food is being served the really healthy way at Shishinori. Here, salad bowls featuring lots of healthy ingredients will leave you satisfied without feeling guilty. Ahi Tuna Carpaccio Bowl ($12): brown rice, spinach, ahi tuna carpaccio slices, 1/2 egg, edamame, carrot, radish and apple slices, grapes, and … Continue reading Shishinori: Healthy Japanese Food That Won’t Leave You Feeling Guilty

Camouflage Montage

Depending on how you wear it, camo is one of those fashion trends that can be trendy or tacky. Nevertheless, it shouldn't be just reserved for Halloween. I decided to go camo crazy for a casual, boyish look with a camo long sleeve and snapback. That's definitely enough camo for one outfit, so I finished off … Continue reading Camouflage Montage

Feed Me Vegas, Baby!

As one of the food capitals in the world, Las Vegas is not just known for its famous seafood buffets. During a recent trip to Vegas, I indulged in so much good food that I just had to share it with you all. From food court items to celebrity chef restaurants, here is a list … Continue reading Feed Me Vegas, Baby!

On Yogurt: Vancouver’s first “ice-fried” yogurt

Recently I tried Vancouver's first "ice-fried" yogurt shop, On Yogurt, in Yaletown. On Yogurt offers a wide selection of yogurt flavours, yogurt-gelato, and drinks. While all their menu items looked delicious, I was most eager to try their signature "ice-fried" yogurt. The "ice-fried" method sure is magic, and it is a popular method of making … Continue reading On Yogurt: Vancouver’s first “ice-fried” yogurt

BEST RAMEN in Vancouver: Kintaro

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, this famous restaurant serves bowls of ramen in a compact, unpretentious setting. Kintaro Ramen serves the tastiest ramen noodle soup with toppings such as BBQ Pork, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, corn, and green onion. The place is small, simple, and always packed. Have they given much thought to interior decorations? … Continue reading BEST RAMEN in Vancouver: Kintaro

Back from Paradise

Aloha friends! I just came back from an incredible trip to Hawaii (Honolulu island to be exact) with my mom and sister and wanted to share a few photos. Besides soaking up the sun on Waikiki beach, we hiked to the top of Diamond Head, went snorkelling with giant turtles, visited the Polynesian Cultural Centre, … Continue reading Back from Paradise

Mixed Girl Problems

While it's pretty common to be of mixed-race in the world of today, the "oooohs" and "aaaahhs" I get don't seem to be stopping. Being Colombian-Chinese, one of the first things people tend to ask me when they meet me is, "What's your ethnicity?" or "Are you mixed?" The answer is (obviously) yes, but I … Continue reading Mixed Girl Problems

Welcome to my Blog!

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