TV Hosting 电视节目主持

CCTV-4 “Happy Chinese” Program 央视 《快乐汉语》

Maria was a guest on CCTV Channel 4’s “Happy Chinese” program that aired in July 2019. Produced by China Central Television (CCTV), this language learning TV show features foreign students from different parts of the world. Maria had the privilege of representing Canada in this episode.

Hunan TV International “World’s Eyes on Hunan”

Since 2016, Maria has been a bilingual television host for cultural program “World’s Eyes on Hunan:《世界看湖南》” airing on Hunan TV International Channel.

The production team flew Maria from Vancouver (Canada) to Changsha (China) to film each series of episodes.

Maria has had the opportunity to travel around Hunan province — to places such as Fenghuang (Phoenix) ancient city and Zhangjiajie —, interview the “Father of Hybrid Rice” Yuan Longping, and learn the traditions of the Miao ethnic minority group and the development of Hunan’s technology sector.

《湖南 I GET YOU》

Hosted by Canadian media personalities Maria and Mack, 《湖南 I GET YOU》is a three part episode series exploring the technology sector and local culture of Changsha, Hunan, in China.

《思思凤凰游记》: Maria’s Phoenix City Travel Diary

《思思凤凰游记》follows Maria around the ancient city of Phoenix, Hunan, where she discovers what this tourist hot spot has to offer.

《思思实习记》:Maria’s Hunan Internship Diary

From a foreigner’s perspective, Maria takes viewers to see and learn about Hunan, China.

Watch on Mango TV:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Vancouver Television

Maria was a TV Host for Vancouver Television and covered a wide range of community events. From arts and culture, to sports and entertainment, Maria produced and hosted each episode.

CBC Student Newsday Reporter

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Student Newsday Finalist and scholarship recipient for her original story on lead in lipstick.