Mixed Girl Problems

While it’s pretty common to be of mixed-race in the world of today, the “oooohs” and “aaaahhs” I get don’t seem to be stopping. Being Colombian-Chinese, one of the first things people tend to ask me when they meet me is, “What’s your ethnicity?” or “Are you mixed?”

The answer is (obviously) yes, but I always like to hear what ethnicities or mixed-race combos people come up with. The ones I’ve heard the most include:

  • Italian and Chinese
  • Mexican
  • Filipino
  • Hawaiian
  • Mexican and some sort of Asian (Japanese, Chinese, or Korean)
  • Filipino and Chinese

These combinations (among others) are super interesting to hear and always lead to the question of “How did your parents meet?”

And while I get asked this a lot, I never get tired of answering this question.  I still find it amazing how two people from complete different parts of the world could meet, fall in love, and start a family like my parents did. It’s super romantic and this story is such a poster-child for mixed-race love stories. Long story short, my dad, who is Colombian, met my mom in China and swept her off her feet!

Another question I frequently get is:

“Which are you more of?” (referring to which ethnicity am I more like)

Which to be honest, I have no clue.

I love dancing and music like a Latina, love spicy food like my Chinese mother, watch telenovelas and Chinese dramas, think and dream in English (even though I am fluent in Spanish and Chinese), and absolutely love all the cultures I am part of. As cheesy as it sounds, I embrace all the best parts of the cultures I am exposed to. I like to think I’m like a chameleon, I can easily adapt to different cultures depending on where I am. Bring me to Sichuan, China, my Chinese mother’s home province, and I’ll speak Chinese everyday, sip congee for breakfast, go out for hot pot, and play mah jong. Bring me to Colombia, I’ll yell in Spanish in the soccer stadiums, eat arepas, tamales, and patacones, and dance to Vallenato. And while I live here in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, I’m just a combination of everything.

So unlike the title of this blog post, I really don’t feel like I have “Mixed Girl Problems.” I am super thankful for the diversity of cultures and races that have made me who I am (literally and figuratively).

And just to end this post off, here is my list of sexiest mixed-race celebrities:

1. Jessica Alba

I knew her from Fantastic Four and Honey (where she danced hella sexy). Jessica’s dad is Mexican-American and her mom has French and Danish roots.

2. Enrique Iglesias

I’d want Filipino-Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias to be my Hero any day of the week!


3. Arianny Celeste

My all-time favourite ring girl Arianny is of mixed Filipino and Mexican descent.

4. Wentworth Miller


This Prison Break actor has a hugely diverse background. His dad is African-American and his mother has Russian, French, Dutch, Lebanese, Syrian, and Swedish ancestry. 


5. Vanessa Hudgens

Gabrielle from Disney’s High School Musical! Vanessa’s dad is Irish and Native American, while her Mother is from the Philippines.