Moving On From Pageant Life

Just last week, the 2017 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant winner was crowned (by me).

This time, I had a great time experiencing the pageant as an audience member. It was a complete different experience from last year. I could actually enjoy the show!

My mom snapped this picture of me when she was watching me on TV back home! Check out the HUGE piece of jewelry I’m wearing from the jewelry sponsor.

While people assume that passing on the crown is a sad moment for former pageant queens, that really wasn’t the case for me. I am thankful for the platform Fairchild TV provided me as Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016, but I am also so excited to move onto other things.

Looking back, my favourite part about being Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 was having the opportunity to do a lot of charity work:

Serving Christmas dinners at the Union Gospel Mission.

Participating in the SUCCESS Foundation Charity Golf Tournament.

Selling daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society.

One year went by extremely fast, and right after the pageant I got back to work.

Two days after the pageant, I emceed the 5th Golden Panda International Film Festival.

This show was held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and 14 awards were presented. This international film festival received over 1,000 film submissions from 88 countries!

Days later, a friend and I also made around 60 sandwiches for the homeless people of the Downtown Eastside.

A neighbour heard about our little project and donated around 60 fresh croissants. So we made ham and cheese sandwiches and PB + J sandwiches to give out around Oppenheimer Park and East Hastings.

And in January, I will be heading to Shanghai’s East China Normal University to brush up on my Chinese! 我讲中文没问题,但是读写我都要努力学. My younger sister is living in Shanghai (studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music) so I’m excited to spend time with her.

Now that I’ve closed this “pageant” chapter in my life with 2 titles: Miss Chinese Cosmos North America 2015 and Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016, I probably won’t do a pageant again. I think I’ve put my boyfriend through enough (haha). The truth is that I think I’ve learned what I need to learn from pageants and it’s time to move onto the next goal.

So for those of you that followed me along in my pageant journey, thanks for the support!

I’ll definitely be blogging or vlogging about my experience in China so stay tuned.