Kishimoto: A Sushi Staple in Vancity

Sushi restaurants are as common as Starbucks and marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. While this makes it easy to stop for sushi in pretty much any neighbourhood, it can become difficult choosing a sushi restaurant that is always fresh and delicious.

Kishimoto is a small Japanese restaurant located on Commercial Drive. While more on the pricey side, the presentation and taste of their dishes is top notch. They offer basic rolls like the California roll, and special rolls like the Salmon Aburi Oshi.

Sushi-wise I had:

  • Salmon Aburi Oshi
  • Hamachi roll
  • California roll
  • Spicy Tuna roll


Here is the 6 piece of wild salmon sashimi. Very fresh!IMG_1657

I have to award Kishimoto with the best Chicken Teriyaki award. The Teriyaki sauce is incredible, along with the tender chicken and fresh vegetables.IMG_1661

Their dessert special when I visited was the Tempura Ice Cream: home-made Vanilla bean ice cream deep fried in tempura batter with a side of caramel sauce. Mmm!IMG_1663.JPG

The ending at Kishimoto is always sweet until I see the bill (just kidding). While more expensive than other sushi restaurants, the quality of Kishimoto always keeps me coming back. And I’m sure the entire neighbourhood feels the same way because there are always long lines outside this restaurant.


Visit Kishimoto: 2054 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

Photo Credits to Nathan Ng.