I GOT LIK’D IN VANCITY: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream has made its way to Vancouver! Having tried this ice cream treat in Hong Kong, I was super excited to try the Vancouver version.

So what’s so special about liquid nitrogen ice cream? It’s made by blasting cream with freezing liquid nitrogen until the mixture is frozen. Then, toppings and a LIK syrup syringe are added to the yummy creation.


Here’s the mango extreme and the cookie monster. Around $15 for both (pretty pricey for ice cream if you ask me, but worth the try!)


Mango Extreme: Mango ice cream topped with mango cubes and a LIK syringe of condensed milk.

Super good and refreshing! Especially great for those who don’t like their ice cream too sweet.


Cookie Monster: Blue cookies n’ cream ice cream, topped with oreo crumbs, a chocolate chip cookie, and a LIK syringe of chocolate syrup.

This one was sweet, creamy and crunchy! Perfect for satisfying your chocolate craving and sweet tooth.


The place was buzzing with people taking pictures of their ice cream and enjoying the messy treat. The place was small, staff was nice, and there were lots of ice cream flavours to choose from. LIK is a summer treat must try, and is guaranteed to impress your date!

Visit LIK at 320 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6B3.


Photo credits to Nathan Ng.