Slack It With a Floral Jacket

Who said fashionable outfits have to be complicated to look good? Sometimes one piece of clothing can make you stand out and seamlessly put an outfit together.

This floral print bomber jacket from Zara is light and fits snug. The floral pattern on this jacket is given a more casual/edgier look with the navy cuffs and collar, and a zipper on the side of the sleeve. The fabric is not heavy or thick, so it’s perfect for spring and summer.

IMG_6307 (web)

To complete this outfit I went with a black tank top and white pants. To play it up I wore heels, but wear sneakers or flats for a more casual look.

IMG_6373 (web)

Don’t be discouraged to buy a floral print bomber jacket due to its “busy look” from the floral print. Match the jacket with solid colours and I promise it will look great!

IMG_6306 (web)

Perfect for a date, to put over a cute dress, or to wear with shorts, a floral bomber jacket will make you stand out where ever you are seen.

My advice? Slack it with a floral jacket.


Photo Credits to Sanjeet Photography.

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