Camouflage Montage

IMG_0935Depending on how you wear it, camo is one of those fashion trends that can be trendy or tacky. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be just reserved for Halloween.

I decided to go camo crazy for a casual, boyish look with a camo long sleeve and snapback. That’s definitely enough camo for one outfit, so I finished off with light jeans and white sneakers.


Pulling off the camo look is easy, but make sure to keep it simple and be careful when matching it with other prints. If you need more inspiration, look up how celebrities dress up in camo. From Rihanna and Justin Bieber, to Selena Gomez and Rita Ora, celebrities love their camouflage.

TOP: Aritzia  •  JEANS: H&M  •  HAT: X Large  •  SHOES: Stan Smiths  •

 ACCESSORIES: Pandora (charm bracelet) and Louis Vuitton (necklace)


Photo Credits to Nathan Ng.

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