The Triple C Look

The Triple C Look is about being comfortable, cozy, and looking cute. While my idea of being comfortable and cozy is wearing an oversized hoodie, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks, that isn’t a look I would feel very fashionably cute in.

Here is the triple C look you can re-create with items already in your closet:

1. Snapback: Go for a solid dark colour and avoid the “I ❤ Haters” logo at all costs. Here I have the James Perse Knit Trucker Hat in black. And what’s cuter than messy pigtail braids? If these aren’t for you, try the look with your hair down or a side ponytail.

2. Hoodie: While I agree that girls look adorable in any hoodie, one that fits snugly will make you look slimmer. Here I have the John Elliot Flash Dual Fullzip Hoodie in Midnight Blue. It’s a slim fit and super cozy.

My favourite part about this hoodie are the dual zippers. They are incredibly smooth and I love how the silver pops out from the dark blue colour of the hoodie. This John Elliot hoodie uses Riri zippers (aka the Rolls Royce of zippers), which are the same ones used on Prada and Versace clothing/handbags.


3. White Jeans: Yea, I was unsure about these at first. But these white Levi’s have a bit of stretch (for guaranteed comfort) and are a nice change from the black tights or skinny jeans I usually wear.


4. Inside Shirt: A black shirt never fails, but I decided to go with some stripes. This black and white stripped long sleeve from Abercrombie & Fitch is eye-catching and ties together the white bottoms with the black snapback I have on.

5. White Sneakers: White converse or Stan Smiths go perfectly with this clean look. I paired my outfit with some original Adidas Stan Smiths.


6. Accessories: A simple, small necklace will suffice, but wear whatever jewelry you want. Keeping it casual,  I accessorized with my favourite necklace, a golden “M” from Louis Vuitton.


There you have it! The triple C look in 6 easy steps. Perfect for cloudy weather and going out. Thanks for reading and happy styling!



Photo credits to Nathan Ng.


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