On Yogurt: Vancouver’s first “ice-fried” yogurt

b7252370763209772da10123d917da79Recently I tried Vancouver’s first “ice-fried” yogurt shop, On Yogurt, in Yaletown. On Yogurt offers a wide selection of yogurt flavours, yogurt-gelato, and drinks.

While all their menu items looked delicious, I was most eager to try their signature “ice-fried” yogurt.

The “ice-fried” method sure is magic, and it is a popular method of making ice cream in South Asia.

“Ice-frying” yogurt takes a flash freezer and skills. Once yogurt is put on the flash freezer, the extreme cold temperature turns the yogurt crispy on the outside. This is when a metal spatula is used to scrape the yogurt into rolls.

This process was mesmerizing to watch!

The finished product: “ice-fried” yogurt rolls that are icy and crispy on the outside, and soft and creamy on the inside.


I had the Mango “ice-fried” yogurt, which had mango pieces and mango syrup mixed into the yogurt. It was super delicious and the perfect mix of sweet, creamy, and sour from the mangoes.

It was so fun eating these yogurt rolls!  I’ll be coming back soon to try their other flavoured creations.

Best part is, all of their yogurt selection is organic and gluten-free, and sourced from local organic farms in BC.


Make sure to visit On Yogurt at 95 Smithe St, Vancouver.