BEST RAMEN in Vancouver: Kintaro

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, this famous restaurant serves bowls of ramen in a compact, unpretentious setting. Kintaro Ramen serves the tastiest ramen noodle soup with toppings such as BBQ Pork, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, corn, and green onion.

The place is small, simple, and always packed. Have they given much thought to interior decorations? Nope. But it’s not relevant because their ramen is the star of the show.

The three main ramen soups you can choose from include:

  1. Shoyu Ramen $9.95 (special soy-sauce soup with pork bone stock)
  2. Shio Ramen $9.95 (mild soup made from pork bone stock and sea salt)
  3. Miso Ramen $10.45 (known as “Kintaro’s BEST!!” features a soup with a blend of soy bean pastes and 12 spices)

All come with BBQ Pork (lean or fat), bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, corn, and green onion.

Taking a look at the menu outside while waiting for seats.

Now for the special items of the menu: I’ve heard the Spicy Garlic Ramen is super popular, but I always order the CHEESE RAMEN. 

That’s right, I said cheese. As it says on the menu, Kintaro’s Cheese Ramen ($11.75) comes in an “exquisitely balanced special miso soup and two kinds of cheese. Ladies just lo-o-o-ve it!!”

Couldn’t agree more, I do just “lo-o-o-ve it!!” IMG_0495IMG_0496

The melted cheese along with the perfectly cooked ramen noodles in the miso soup is amazing. The (lean) BBQ pork is fresh and tender. The miso soup is rich and savoury, and the toppings just add to this great combination. Once you taste this you will feel your soul melting into your stomach. It’s beyond good.

You won’t find Cheese Ramen anywhere else in the city, so make sure to try it here at Kintaro.

Lastly, a few things to note:

  • There are long wait times to get seated and for your ramen to arrive. But be patient because it’s worth it!
  • The portions (and bowls) are pretty big here
  • Kintaro is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday

Kintaro Ramen: 788 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L5

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