I’m Maria and I’m a Cell Phone Addict

I’m Maria and I’m a cell phone addict.

I wake up to my cellphone, it’s in my pocket every minute of the day, I always get a constant urge to check for new notifications, and it’s the last thing I see before I go to sleep.

Wow. I am finally admitting to myself that the dependency I have on my phone is a little ridiculous.

How did I come this conclusion? Because I started observing:

“It still amazes me how many parents and children I see on their phones while having lunch or dinner at a restaurant. It still amazes me seeing a bunch of people beside me looking down at their phones while waiting for the next skytrain. And I’m not here to criticize or judge all that, because I’ve found myself doing the same thing, but man it’s a problem.”



I get it. Sometimes we just want to shut out the world around us and play a game of Candy Crush or scroll our Facebook feed because we’ve had a long day at work. Or sometimes we spend so much family time together that we don’t mind being on our phones while sharing a meal. I get it, and I’ve been there.

But isn’t there something so messed up about us wanting to be huddled up with a texter’s neck reading something on our phone, rather than conversing with somebody and making a real connection?


We need down time from our cellphones. To make that easier, I’ve made some obvious and simple rules to try to live by:

  1. No phones while having a conversation.
  2. No phones during a meal. Even if you are eating by yourself.
  3. No phones while walking or driving (way more people do this than you think).
  4. No phones during work or class (it makes checking your newsfeed during your break that much more satisfying).

Are you able to admit you are a cell phone addict? Or you think that term is complete nonsense?

Take the Are You Actually Addicted To Your Phone quiz and see what score comes up (be honest). I got “mildly addicted” to my cell phone.Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 9.25.06 PM


Cover photo by Paul Rogers.

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