Back from Paradise

Aloha friends! I just came back from an incredible trip to Hawaii (Honolulu island to be exact) with my mom and sister and wanted to share a few photos. Besides soaking up the sun on Waikiki beach, we hiked to the top of Diamond Head, went snorkelling with giant turtles, visited the Polynesian Cultural Centre, and attended a Hawaiian Luau dinner.

While I hate to sound like a cookie-cutter tourist, I absolutely fell in love with Hawaii and the energy there.

Besides learning how to say hello (Aloha) and thank you (Mahalo), I learned some interesting things about Hawaii.

  1. It’s expensive. Housing prices are comparable to Vancouver (which is scary to think about) and a gallon of milk costs almost 10 dollars. $10 for milk!!! Hawaii is one of the most expensive states to buy a home in the US.11.jpg
  2. People who have lived in Hawaii all their lives want to get out. I talked to a few young locals and they all told me the same thing. The lifestyle and pace in Hawaii is too damn slow. Then again, people who don’t live in Hawaii want to live there so badly.11
  3. The flocking groups of Japanese people in the area are tourists from Japan. Signs around the city are all in Japanese and there are special tours and buses just for Japanese tourists.11
  4. Linking from the fact above, Hawaii’s biggest industry is tourism. Can you guess the second biggest industry? It’s not flowers, Macadamia nuts, or pineapples. The second biggest industry is the military.
  5. Native Hawaiians are Polynesians and have a distinct culture and traditions originating from the islands in the Pacific Ocean.11
  6. Outside the tourist areas of this island, a lot of poverty surrounds the city. I noticed many run down houses and homeless people on my way to our hotel from the airport. This just goes to show that Hawaii isn’t perfect and just like any other place in the world, it faces many economic and social challenges.11
  7. The native fish of Hawaii is humuhumunukunukuapua. Try saying that!

And now, the photos…

Beach time by the hotel:


Fun on a sailing boat and pictures of the giant turtles:

We were swimming and snorkelling right above these majestic creatures! (Thanks to a friend with a GoPro for the awesome pictures)

The hike up to the top of Diamond Head (known as ʻahi to Hawaiians) and all the breathtaking views:


Polynesian Cultural Centre:


Last breakfast in Honolulu before our flight:


Overall, our short trip to Hawaii (4 days) was incredible and it was so nice to be away from all the rain in Vancouver. I can’t wait to go back and explore the other islands Hawaii has to offer.

See you soon, Hawaii!