I Don’t Eat Garbage, Do I?

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is important to me. That’s not the way it always was though. In high school I would eat junk food regularly and considered my P.E class as more than enough exercise. My weaknesses were chocolate bars, candy, ice cream, and Smarties Mcflurries. They are all still my weaknesses but I give in to them way less than before.

Currently a 4th year university student, my views about health from an inside perspective (the food I put in my body) and outside perspective (physical exercise) have changed for the better.

Or so I thought.

I’ve noticed that I only take pictures of food when I go out to eat and the food looks drop-dead gorgeous and delicious (aka food porn). After compiling a gallery of my favourite foods I eat when I go out to restaurants, I realized that my sugar addiction has not slowed down. I’ve always been eager to try new desserts and the following images prove that.

Besides the mango topped with chili powder, all these desserts contain a lot of sugar. I get that it’s okay to eat desserts once in a while, but my dessert-craze has truly gotten out of hand.

Completely by accident, I have made a huge realization about the foods I’m eating. While I eat healthy at home and stay away from fizzy drinks, my obsession with desserts needs to be contained.

I don’t think it will be easy, especially since there is scientific evidence that our brains are wired to crave sugar and sugar is just as/or more addictive than cocaine.

BUT being aware is the key! So if you take pictures of your food, I urge you to compile a gallery and make some conclusions about the foods you are eating (even though they may be eaten once in a while and not all the time).

I’m not going to become the sugar police, but I’m going to try my best to cut back on those fit-for-the-gods, chocolate-coated, irresistible desserts.