My Little Adventure at Golden Ears Park

If you live in Maple Ridge, I am officially jealous that you can call Golden Ears Provincial Park your backyard.

Golden Ears Park is a provincial park that has it all: hiking trails, camp grounds, beach, lake, and waterfalls, all just a 90 minute drive from Vancouver!

While I did not get the chance to explore the entire park (which is 62,540 hectares), I found what I claim to be the most amazing part of Golden Ears Park: hiking the Lower Falls Trail.

Starting at the parking lot, Lower Falls Trail is an easy, well-maintained hiking trail suitable for the whole family. Along the way, you encounter the beautiful coastal western forest vegetation and a stone beach with gorgeous clear water before reaching the magnificent Lower Falls.

While the hike seems to end there, you should keep going by continuing on a trail on the upper right. Follow this, and you will arrive at a body of water above Lower Falls. This magical body of water is deep, clear, and the most magnificent shades of blue and green.

So if you are looking for an easy hike with a picture-worthy destination, I suggest that you visit Golden Ears Park!