Wait, so you’re an MC? What does that mean?

Yes, you’ve probably heard of the word “MC” before, but by no means does it mean I am a hip hop artist or rapper!

“Emcee” or “MC,” which stands for Master of Ceremony, refers to the official host of a performance or show. I’m that person that gives you an official welcome and guides you through the show (letting you know what performance is coming up next). Think of me as a sort of “tour guide” for any shows, performances, pageants, and galas.

And surprise! Emceeing is an actual job. Being a wedding host or television host (think Ryan Seacrest from American Idol) are full time jobs for people out there!

To put it frankly, we emcees are paid to talk.

While our onstage presence may be glamorous, a lot goes on in our heads and backstage. Sometimes we are given paragraphs of descriptions to memorize, and other times we have to improvise if the next performance is not ready yet. Not to mention, we have huge pressure to keep you, the audience, entertained throughout the night.

Picture this: There are 10 minutes until show time. In all the crazy backstage chaos, you are sitting in front of a mirror. You are going through lines and last minute script changes. Your hair and make-up is just about done. Your stomach grumbles as Chinese take out boxes are being handed out. You hastily put on your heels (or dress shoes) and pray they’ll be comfortable since you’ll be standing a good 2-3 hours on stage. Just then, the show director yells, “EVERYBODY STAND BY! The show is about to begin!”

Not so glamorous anymore is it?

Emceeing is definitely not a job for everyone, but it is certainly rewarding and challenging. It takes a lot of practice and experience to become a good emcee, and I’m just starting out on this fun little journey!